Brain tumor advocacy programs and awareness campaigns are essential to the fight to find comprehensive treatment for patients.  By sharing stories through Brains for the Cure, testifying on behalf of the community for different initiatives and legislation, and driving campaigns around the disease, we have the ability to make a direct impact in the lives of those who have been touched by a brain tumor.

Brains for the Cure
This online navigator is designed to help patients and caregivers understand, manage, and cope with all the twists and turns of a brain tumor diagnosis. With the latest in scientifc articles, treatment perspectives, testimonials from the Head for the Cure Ambassadors and more than 200 videos focused on real questions and circumstances, Brains for the Cure connects the community in a unique way to let people know that they don't journey alone.

Brains for the Cure

From testifying on behalf of patients to the Medicare board to attending Head to the Hill to supporting House Bill 230 in Ohio, Head for the Cure works to better the quality and access of care for patients.  Head for the Cure also endorsed the resolution to create a Glioblastoma Awareness Day passed by the Senate.  If you have an initiative you'd like to speak to us about supporting, please email

Head for the Cure Ambassadors
Ambassadors share news and personal experiences, activate new participants, and so much more all for the fight against brain cancer to bring the brain tumor community together. 

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