In April 2017, we launched our first program built specifically for patients and caregivers: Brains for the Cure—an online navigator to help them understand, manage, and cope with all the twists and turns of a brain tumor diagnosis. The doctors of the BTTC, who’ve seen or used the site since its launch, have responded enthusiastically, and many have signed on to help guide the site into the future. 

More importantly, patients and caregivers tell us that the site helps them in ways that no other resource does. When there’s nobody to turn to and everything feels overwhelming, Brains for the Cure offers a level of understanding that meets them exactly where they are and helps them find a useful forward step to take, whatever their situation. 

We’re investing in the future of Brains for the Cure. We’re developing new features for the site to fuel its evolution into a constantly-updating publication. Along the way, we’re making it easier to find from web searches (so people who’ve never heard of us can still get the answers they need when they need them), easier to use from mobile devices, and more current with the latest medical advances in brain tumor treatment. 

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