Monday August 31, 2020 7:15am - Tuesday September 1, 2020 7:15am

My name is Beth Shenberger, and I am a Director with Pampered Chef. My sister has been living with an inoperable brain tumor for the past 16 years. Head for the Cure is a cause near and dear to our family, and my amazing sister!

I wanted to offer a fundraising option to all Head for the Cure ALL TEAMS ACROSS THE COUNTRY in their fundraising efforts to support brain tumor research. Pampered Chef offers fundraisers which are easy and successful because people already know and love the product. 25%-30% of all Pampered Chef orders that teams collect would go to their Head for the Cure team! That percentage is a combination of what Pampered Chef offers and my own personal donation. Orders can be done through catalogs/order forms, direct shopping link to your fundraiser on my website, and/or a fun FB event that would have that same direct shopping link! Orders would be placed online and shipped directly to the customers. During this time of social distancing, I know that some fundraising efforts have been negatively impacted. However, with people spending more time at home and increased cooking, I am finding Pampered Chef Fundraisers to be very successful.

Please contact me with questions or to get your fundraiser up and running! Together we can defeat brain fundraiser at a time!

Beth Shenberger
Pampered Chef Director