The Stevie Patrick Legacy of Love Award was created to honor a special caregiver, medical professional or supporter. The Legacy of Love award is easily defined by actions of integrity, encouragement, determination, and serving others, especially those in need. This deserving person must be a leader each day and also have the courage to smile in the midst of adversity.

At each 5K event, Head for the Cure will award one recipient of the Legacy of Love Award during our program after the race.  Nominations will be reviewed by the Head for the Cure Team prior to the event. Nominations must be made by the Wednesday prior to the 5K event.


About Stevie Patrick:

The Legacy of Love Award was created in honor of Stevie Patrick, a Head for the Cure - North Texas founder and participant. In May of 2010, at the age of 28, Stevie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Throughout her life, Stevie was known to her friends and family as an encourager and a leader. She consistently went out of her way to serve others and loved giving everyone she met one of her famous hugs.

Stevie always took the high road and walked through each day with great integrity and a big smile on her face. Anyone who got the opportunity to interact with Stevie knew that she was thoughtful, encouraging, genuine, supportive and a great listener. These attributes didn't change during her incredibly challenging three-and-a-half-year battle with brain cancer, as she never stopped thinking about others and offering her help.

Stevie Patrick lost her battle with brain cancer on September 26, 2013 at the young age of 31.  She left behind her sweet husband, Damen, her darling son, Ryder, as well as her parents, two sisters, one brother, and countless friends and extended family.  Each day that goes by she is missed more and more by her family and friends, but her legacy remains as strong as ever.  How fortunate so many were to know someone as wonderful, compassionate, and loving as Stevie.

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Do you believe in soul mates? My brother, Chris Holmes, did. He waited years before he found the love of his life. I remember the first time he told me about Storm.
Angela Huskins is the wife of Paul Huskins a two time survivor of surgery to remove a brain tumor in the left side of his frontal lobe.
Angela shows her kindness, love, and caring every day for her husband Paul. A true nominee for The Legacy of Love. They met while attending FSU and later moved to Austin TX. and married in 2012.
My husband, Tom Jackson, has been my main caregiver since my initial diagnosis in 2007.
"I am nominating my parents Kevin and Linda Joerling for the Stevie Patrick Legacy of Love award because I would not have made it through this brain tumor journey without them.
Tammy has taken care of me and she didn't know much about myself when I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. But still til this day, she is right by my side.
John likes to call me the brave one, but on March 3, 2014, all I did was act like a zombie for a few hours, watch some Veronica Mars in a waiting room, sleep for several hours, and then watch basketba
It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate my wife, Charity Klop for the Legacy of Love Award.
Wow when I think of my wife I think Rock. Through my diagnosis and recovery she showed a side of herself that truly demonstrated selfless faith and love.
The minute I called my sister, Maida, last year to tell her my MRI was abnormal, her big sister instincts kicked in.
We would like to nominate an amazing young man who has demonstrated true unconditional love, respect and commitment.
Karen is an amazing support and caregiver to her husband Steve who is a Survivor, to many North Texas Survivors, Caregivers, and all those who attend Grey Matters, which she was instrumental in establ